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Tsiyoni's Book
Easy English For All - Basic Through Advanced

The world's best self-study and reference English grammar book, the book of the future and
a "school at home". The Easy English For All - Basic Through Advanced covers the most commonly used parts of the English language, written in a special format developed by the author.
The book is excellent for teachers and for students from 6th grade to and includes college students.
 It is also good for students in various English programs such as ESL, ELL, ABE, EFL, ELT and GED. (Visit website to read all info).


Example: The word "nice": User's search options:
****1. INDEX: the answer is right there. It takes seconds.
****2. Short Contents", page iv: An example shows what it is, and refers to P' 114.
****3. Page 114, Chapter 33: The rules are clear, precise, and easy to read.

B. "ING": (See rules, sec. 65, page 117. You can find referral in four different places:
****1. The short contents, page iv, and the Quick reference, Page 5. Page iv: "Contents",
---------Page vii, which refers to chapter 34, page 117.
****2. Index, page 238 rules. It refers to section 65, page 117. Section 65 covers all "ing"
--------- rules -easy to follow- in a very unique way   and in a logical order.

****3. The "ing" rules appear seven more times in the book, in smaller print. That is to avoid
--------repeatedly referring the users to Section. 65,  and to enable concentration on the context of the
------- specific chapter.

C. "PLURALS": For some words such as "company", "die", "far", "less", "lucky", stop" and "wife",
---- you may refer to "PLURALS", Section 66,  Page 119, or just look at the index; the answer is
----right there.

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